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Fashion Meets Practicality:

Magnolia Line makes waves across the baby industry and comments on rave reviews from both retailers and consumers.

Brooklyn, NY – August 18, 2013 – As retail store proprietors and buyers commence the hunt for next seasons mega hit that will drive up margins there is one designer that is a proven bet. Michal Inglis, founder and lead designer of Magnolia Line’s audacious products is basking in Magnolia Line’s supersonic success. According to Joel, owner of New York’s famous ‘Oh Baby!’ boutique, her products move faster than he can re-stock the shelves and are the number one recommendation for a baby gift! Hennie, a senior ‘mom rep’ from online giant ‘Pish Posh Baby’ says that in the online baby industry saturated with products it is phenomenal how Magnolia Line’s stellar reputation for quality and style has spread all over the United States as each month generates more sales than ever before!

Magnolia Line is the culmination of creations that have been over a decade in the making. Magnolia Line was created by Michal Inglis. When Michal had her own children she was struck by the lack of fashionable, quality baby products. Using her skills and creativity she took great pleasure in designing artistic pieces to meet this need. Michal established Magnolia Line in 2011 to meet the high demand for her works. What started as a small business has now catapulted into a large manufacturing process that rushes to meet demand for what is a cult like following.

“Quality is still my number one priority” says Michal. She has scrapped entire lines because the quality did not meet her exacting requirements.

Magnolia Line’s unique and stylish products radiate practicality and safety without compromising on fashion. Each item serves a necessary function for your child whilst simultaneously making a strong fashion statement. All items are handcrafted and individually designed. Only superior fabrics and materials have been chosen to ensure quality and durability. Magnolia Line appeals to the modern, trendy, stylish and fashion conscious parent. Magnolia Line is proud to offer creations that will uniquely serve the needs of your child and give you pleasure for many years to come. Magnolia Line’s inspiration is our children. Magnolia Line continues to develop quality innovative products for comfort and convenience that are multi-purpose and multi-functional.

Magnolia Line’s dominant and fashionable items include:

The Minky Blanket Collection: an original exclusive luxurious array of designer blankets Made in the USA featuring Plush, Cuddle, Lux and Trendy.

The Hooded Towel Collection: 100% quality cotton designer hooded towels with stunning patterns Made in the USA.

The Heirloom Collection: set for launch Fall 2013 an original concept of magnificent 100% knit cotton blankets with matching stroller liners all with exquisite designs and exceptional quality.

For more information email: or telephone: (718) 753-8633.

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