About Us

Magnolia Line is the culmination of creations that have been over a decade in the making. Magnolia Line was created by Michal Inglis.

When Michal had her own children she was struck by the lack of fashionable, quality baby products. Using her skills and creativity she took great pleasure in designing artistic pieces to meet this need. Michal established Magnolia Line in 2011 to meet the high demand for her works.

Magnolia Line uses the finest fabrics, avoiding unhealthy synthetics. Our designs are created to fit baby’s highest end fashion as well as the parents.

Magnolia Line started with Michal sewing her products for her own kids, using a refurbished sewing machine and has transformed to become a real brand name in the baby & child industry with over 60 retail stores carrying our products nationally and internationally.

A true Cinderella story. a dream come true!

Some of the most popular designs can be viewed and purchased from the Magnolia Line website we well as many stores across the USA, Australia, Canada & Israel.

This page is really not ‘about us’. its all about you! We thank you for loving us and making us who we are.

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